These ideas came as I thought of iconic America. on the left is a guitar or banjo player that I though could send musical notes as deadly weapons at our heroes.  The middle-bottom idea was of the tale of Paul Bunyan whom was so large that he needed the waves to rock him to sleep as a baby. I was thinking that there could be some interesting game elements for the different moods that I child could have, for example his crying fit could create massive tsunamis that the heroes would have to avoid.
 As i continued to generate ideas I though of possibly using the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. This idea had the cat being attached to a hand made out of caterpillars. It was very wacky and in tune with many other 1930s animation weirdness.
 My mind was brought to Canada and though of maybe doing an evil beaver character, then a spitting llama and a finally a sad guitar maybe shooting out notes from his mouth.
 On the right is Sun Wukong from the Chinese epic, Journey to the West. But the idea on the left was almost going to be my final drawing. This one had a pig chef throwing cleavers and walking people with i giant turkey drumstick. Then I though of adding a double boss and had a chicken as a sidekick. This chicken after killing it the first time would be cooked by the pig chef and made into a roast chicken that threw its body parts at you. I found it slightly morbid and very silly, which was perfect for a 1930s animation style.
 I finally decided on a blacksmith. This blacksmith would hammer out new enemies to fight which would make for an exciting boss battle.
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