1930's Blacksmith Villian

I was given a project in my concept art class to create a mock up character design for a hypothetical expansion pack for the game Cuphead


Rough Stage

During my initial stage of roughs I created ideas inspired by the most crazy ideas I could come up with. The reason for this is because animation during the 1930s was very much based on the imagination. Just about everything in a 1930s animation had eyes, whether it was a broomstick or a chicken leg. I used these ideas to allow my mind to make just about anything into a character. For one of my favourite ideas I had a pig chef that fought his enemies with a roasted chicken!

Once I figured out what I wanted to do, The rest came pretty easily. I kept looking at references of 1930s animations like Popeye and Betty Boop to maintain that style. Below you will see the final fighting pose for the boss and the defeated pose. 

Blacksmith fight pose.jpg
Blacksmith death Pose.jpg